The Night of Eternity campaign takes place in the year 880 RE, starting late summer. The timeline highlight the chain of events experienced by the Foreign Travelers. The timeline uses the Mageran Calender.

Telanwer 880 RE

13 Telanwer: The Travelers arrive at Feulhart’fen and settle in the Humble Jackal inn.

14 Telanwer: Louis visits the Stitchery. The party is invited to the estate of Gaborz Scarazzer III and accept his employment offer.

16 Telanwer: The party arrives at the Scarazzer mansion. They fight off some mercenaries and acquire the Metallic Orb, which lead them to the secret chamber beneath the mansion. In the chamber, the party discovered a magical reservoir of Elixium. At night, they’re attacked by Accursed.

17 Telanwer: In Feulhart’fen, a ship is bombed by the Heirs of Cinder.

18 Telanwer: The Council of Coin gathers for an emergency session. The party return from the job at the Scarazzer mansion. While walking the city streets, they find the metallic box in a small store, and open it.

19 Telanwer: The party attends the Gallery Gala. Louis works with the Stitchery to replace some of the painting with forgeries. The party thwarts an assassination attempt on the life of Keika Ugborz

20 Telanwer: The party meets with Keika Ugborz and is awarded the use of the Vinasono for their services in the gala.

21 Telanwer: Caeli visits the city library and archives and finds research about the metallic artifacts. Louise and Beldin encounter animated corpses roaming the streets and help the police dispatch of them.

23 Telanwer: After meeting at the gala, the party set out with the elf Lyktar and his expedition in search of the Whispering Vale.

24 Telanwer: The Vale Expedition, lead by Ariana Roman, arrive at the ruins believe to be hiding the entrance to the valley. The party fights a young griffon, as well as a couple of White Sentinels. As the expedition set camp, the party learns the legend of the Frost Crown.

25 Telanwer: The expedition discovers the entrance to the Whispering Vale, and are attacked by an Accursed army. In the valley, they find the chamber containing dormant White Sentinels, and the Eater of Spells. The Accursed army breach the valley and Lyktar uses the Eater to fend them off.

Sinquer 880 RE

3 Sinquer: The Party returns to Feulhart’fen, to find the city in great peril – animated dead roam the streets and the Heirs of Cinder continue their attacks. They are summoned before the Council of Coin to provide insight on the situation and volunteer their services in examining the graveyard. Caeli receive a letter from the university in Kolchet, and the party decides to travel there.

6 Sinquer: The party arrives at Kolchet, seeking the scholar Urzul Lazgar which studied the artifacts. They find the city is ruled by the Children of Sunset, that enacted laws prohibiting the use of magic and magical research, imprisoning any law breakers. They ambush a Children of Sunset shipment and travel to the prison camp.

7 Sinquer: The party infiltrates the Black Tooth prison camp, and after a short battle and parley they convince the gang to abandon the camp. During the fight, the camp’s Arsinum mine is set on fire and destroyed. While at the camp, members of the party experience weird visions.

9 Sinquer: The party return to Kolchet with Urzul. they enter the university to collect her research material and colleagues. While attempting to create a distraction to allow them to leave, Caeli and Beldin encounter Achros, head of the Children of Sunset.

12 Sinquer: With Urzul and her team, the party returns to Feulhart’fen. At the gates, Louis and Caeli are arrested by the Council but later return to the Vinasono and with the help of Urzul solve the problem of the animated corpses.

14 Sinquer: After a couple of days in which the party members operated on their own, they’re visited by Azula Sabrah, which inform them on the location of Lymad’s base of operations, as well as his connection to Shax. They party decide to follow Caeli’s earlier Visions Through Time and travel to the Temple Ruins.

15 Sinquer: The party set out to find the Temple Ruins, located beyond Gerfeundvor borders, in the Templar States. Beldin recruits the help of Ulet Ugborz with the mission. Meanwhile, the Council of Coin mobilized the Gerfeundvor army to invade the Templar States.

22 Sinquer: After passing Humraz’s Wall and setting camp, the party is ambushed by an Accursed warband and are taken to the Temple Ruins, now under Shax’s control. After some discussion, Shax preforms the Rite of Purification, just as a company of Templar soldiers, lead by Ariana Roman, assault the ruins. Shax takes the party to a chamber containing the Black Mirror, which they use.

Quesser 880 RE

5 Quesser: The party emerge from the Black Mirror, to discover they’ve traveled a week into the future and the war has already began. They experience a revelation from Anbres, giving a warning about the Spell Eater and the war itself.

6 Quesser: The party follows the tracks of Ariana Roman to the besiege Templar city, Nyamara. Caeli discovers a place of power and uses it in a ritual to create a window connecting them to Roman. After discussing the war and Lymad’s intentions, Roman asks them to enter the city – and once inside, she reveals to them that the place Caeli saw in her visions is the St Helsin Monastery.

7 Quesser: Using Shadow Walk, the party arrive at the St Helsin Monastery. Louis takes the Frost Crown and fell under its influence. In the ensuing battle against Accursed forces, Shax is killed. Before engaging with Lymad’s crew and the Eater of Spells, the party uses shadow walk and travels to the Luminous Stand. Louis gives himself to the Godsoul and releases Jormander from the dreamways. He leave the mortal coil.

8 Quesser: The party returns to the siege camp outside Nyamara. The siege has progressed, orc forces have breached a part of the wall and taken a foothold in the immediate area.


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