The Stitchery is a criminal organization operating in Feulhart’fen, a loose network of fences and money launders which allow the underground elements of the city to operate with a major sense of financial security.

The head of the Feulhart’fen Stitchery is Zasz Monoke, a tailor by trade.

The Blackadder Revolt

During the 800 RE Sinquer Riots, the Feulhart’fen Stitchery was attacked and overturned by a rival organization, sponsored by Merchant Prince Malto Bashok and headed by a man known as the Blackadder. In the revolt, many Stitchery operative were killed and its holdings were captured. The rival operation continues to run until 14 Sinquer 880 RE, as Sasz Mononoke enlisted the help of Louis Lin which subsequently infiltrated their operation, uncovered and assassinated the Blackadder, and reveal the identity of the sponsor to Keika Ugborz.

Following the events of the revolt, Zasz Monoke commented to Louis that the renewed Stitchery will have to win back the trust of its clients in Feulhart’fen.

As the person responsible for dispatching the Blackadder and restoring the Stitchery, Louis himself began to be known as the current Blackadder in certain circles.


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