Sinquer Riots

The Sinquer Riots were a series of riots occurring between 21 Telanwer and 12 Sinquer 880 RE, involving the appearance of animated dead corpses around Feulhart’fen, Gerfeundvor. Those animated corpses were not specifically hostile, but appear to be driven to a specific location, and would do anything in their power to reach it, including destroying any obstacle in their path.

During the animated dead stampede, sections of the city closest to the cemeteries were closed off, the residents being relocated to a temporary refugee camp near the city walls. These part of the city were also subject to looting and other such activities.

The Feulhart’fen Council of Coin issued a decree that the corps of any deceased person will be cremated instead of buried in order to prevent future corpses from animating.

The Council later enlisted the help of Foreign Travelers in solving the animated dead issue. The Travelers tested a theory on the drive of the animated dead, and informed the aid of Gaborz Scarazzer III about the metallic boxes. They also left a single box with them before leaving.
The riots continued until 12 Sinquer when the Foreign Travelers returned to the city with a scholar that had the knowledge required to close the metallic boxes. Once all boxes were sealed, the reanimation of dead corpses stopped and the city returned to normal.

The Sinquer Riots allowed the Blackadder faction to start their revolt against the Stitchery.

The Heirs of Cinder took the opportunity and resume their terror attack with greater vigor. destroying several parts of the harbor which stopped its operations.

Sinquer Riots

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