Our Story So Far

In Act I, the party arrive to Feulhart’fen and was first hired by Gaborz Scarazzer III to investigate his mansion, where they encountered a group of mercenaries and some Accursed, finding a secret room containing a bizarre fountain of magic and acquiring the Metallic Orb.

Back in the city, the party started hearing about a group of terrorists call the Heirs of Cinder, religious zealots that wish to drive out the orcs from their land. In a small eclectic store, the party used the Metallic Orb to locate the Metallic Box, which they opened.

The party attended a gala in House Ugborz’s Gallery, were Louis was tasked with helping the Stitchery replace some of the paintings with forgeries. They meet Lyktar, an elf scholar that wish to hire them for an expedition. At the end of the evening, an assassination attempt is made on the life of Keika Ugborz, head of the house, but the party intervenes and save the merchant princess.

As a reward, the party is granted use of the Vinasono, a grandiose villa in the city.

The party sets on an expedition to the Whispering Vale, with Lyktar and his crew. Before leaving, they encounter some corpses roaming the city’s streets, animated by an unknown cause. Caeli searches the city’s archives and find several papers describing the metallic artifacts, she sends a letter to their author.

Following clues left by a past expedition, the party, and their companions arrive at the ruins leading to the entrance of the Whispering Vale. After encountering a griffon and several White Sentinels, they managed to open the entrance to the valley, shortly before being attacked by Accursed forces.

In the Vale, the expedition uncovers more metallic artifacts as well as a chamber containing hundreds of dormant White Sentinels and underneath, the Eater of Spells. After a standoff between the party and Lyktar’s expedition that wanted to release the creator, and an agreement was achieved just as the Accursed army breached the Vale’s entrance. Used the Eater, Lyktar allowed the party and most expedition forces to escape.

In Act II,

In Act III,

Our Story So Far

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