Metallic Artefacts

The Metallic Artefacts are items believe to be of Anderyan origin. Their original purpose is unknown.

So far, three artifact types were found: Orb, Box, and Circle.

  • The Orb can be used to locate and operate the other artifacts.
  • All metallic Boxes that were found contained an unknown, crystal-liquid substance, as well is emitting a whispering noise audible to people with arcane sensitivity.
  • The Circle was used in the chamber underneath the Scarazzer mansion to produce Elixium.

The substance inside the metallic boxes is believed to have the ability to animate dead corpses, especially humanoid ones. Caeli Lorein discovered in her research and experiments that the metallic boxes contain Anderyan soul fragments and when combined with an animated dead corpse, result in the reincarnation of the Anderyan soul (such was the case with Hassin el-Khalil).

They were sought after by Shax to be used in the Rite of Purification.

Metallic Artefacts

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