Luminous Stand

The Luminous Stand is an uncharted location in the Icetooth Peaks which is covered by crystalline growth of unknown material, resembling trees.

The Foreign Travelers discovered the Stand while Louis Lin was under the influence of the Frost Crown. They arrive there using Caeli Lorein’s Shadow Walk spell.

Some of the crystals in the Luminous Stand appear to encase humanoid shaped objects, that form a kind of avenue toward the central crystal growth of the stand. The avenue is also surrounded by stones with what appears to be ancient Elvish glyphs.

When Louis returned the Frost Crown to the alter in the stand, the Travelers learned that the crystalline material is in fact soul fragments not unlike those found inside Metallic Artefacts. Returning the Crown released the dragon Jormander from their prison in the Dreamways, and revealed that those soul fragments are actually a Godsoul, the power left over by Myntelphyes when he disappeared after the War of the Gods.

Louis was faced with a choice: releasing the Godsoul from the mortal coil, allowing it to return to the Con; Take over its power for himself; or leaving the Godsoul trapped in the Luminous Stand, freeing Jormander. Louis chose to abide by the wishes of Anortern and left the Godsoul trapped, by doing so left himself bond to it forever. Louis’ soul left to the dreamways to travel alongside Anortern .

Luminous Stand

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