Expedition to the Whispering Vale

The Expedition to the Whispering Vale was an expedition organized and lead by Ariana Roman, supported by Lyktar and the Foreign Travelers, in search of the alleged Whispering Vale, an ancient site containing a vault of riches. They set out from Feulhart’fen, Gerfeundvor in 23 Telanwer 880 RE.

This expedition used a journal of an earlier mission that found the entrance to the valley but couldn’t manage to open the gateway before most of its members died. The sole survivor returned to Feulhart’fen. Some years later, Lyktar bought the journal and approached Roman to organize a new excursion.

Lykter, after meeting the Foreign Travelers at the Ugborz’s gallery gala, approached Caeli Lorein with a proposal to join the expedition. At first, the mission was presented as a quest to open an ancient vault, believed to hold great riches. The Travelers agreed to join the expedition under those assumptions.

The expedition first arrived at the old ruins southeast of Gerfeundvor, on 24 Telanwer. They encountered and fought a young griffon, then scoured the ruins following the clues that were written in the journal. Sometime that night, following a failed spell cast by Caeli, the expedition attracted the attentions of the Vale’s defenders, the mythical White Sentinels. The travelers fought the sentinels off, with Caeli and Beldin being badly injured during the fight.

On 25 Telanwer, the expedition discovers the hidden entrance to the Whispering Vale, thanks to Louis Lin‘s resourcefulness. While attempting to go through the pass, they’re attacked by Accursed forces, but manage to seal the entrance before being overwhelmed.

Once inside the valley, the expedition found a facility containing many Metallic Artefacts, as well as a chamber hosting hundreds of dormant White Sentinels.

It was then revealed that the pretext for the expedition was false, when the containment cell for the Eater of Spells was found beneath the chamber, first by Lyktar and then the Foreign Travelers. A fight broke when the Travelers attempted to stop Lyktar from removing the magical barriers surrounding the cell and releasing the construct. Some of the building’s security measures were activated, resulting in a larger altercation and near death of Louis Lin.

The other expedition members, lead by Roman, forced open the doors to the hall and helped in stopping the fight, ending in a standoff between the expedition forces and the Foreign Travelers – with Roman threatening an unconscious Lin, and Beldin preventing access to Lyktar’s magical sword that was used to remove the barrier.

Expedition to the Whispering Vale

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