Children of Sunset

The Children of Sunset are a political movement operating in southern Syraion, that believe that strong regulation should be put on magic users and magical research. Their current leader is Achros the Mithralian.

Activities in Kolchet

In 880 RE, the Children of Sunset ran for the popular elections in Kolchet, and got the majority vote. They enacted new laws in line with their ideology, forcing all suspected spellcasters to register and wear magic-cancelling collars, as well as banning all magical research conducted in the University of Kolchet

Law breakers and citizens protesting the new laws were arrested and taken to a prison camp north of the city, operated by a Black Tooth gang, which forced the prisoners to work as an Arsinum mine. The camp’s products were sent back to kolchet to be used to produce more collars and other anti-magic equipment.

After the Emerald Smog incident, they were forced to leave Kolchet.

Children of Sunset

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