The Anderyan were a mythological progenitor race believed to have lived during the Age of Wonders. They became extinct after the mythical Great War of the Gods, when the Anderyan fought against the Hordes of Monstrosities, followed by the Breaking of the World.

According to Hassin el-Khalil in his conversation with Caeli Lorein, the Anderyan believed that the Great War was their final hour, the time they would have conquered their old lands and subjugate the mortal races. However, after centuries of fighting, they became desperate and constructed the Eater of Spells as an ultimate weapon to destroy the Monstrosities. many Anderyans, including el-Khalil, volunteered to undergo the rite and sacrifice their souls to power the construct.

When the Foreign Travelers discovered the Spell Eater chamber in the Whispering Vale, they encountered a living image of an Anderyan that warned them from releasing the construct. The image explained that after creating it, the Anderyan could not control it and the Eater turned on its creators. Without the power to destroy it, they created the vault chamber in the valley to hold the Eater.

Lymad believe that the Anderyan did not wish to use the Eater of Spells as they fear it would have stripped them of their magical power, a sacrifice they were not willing to make.

The Metallic Artefacts are magical items believed to have been created by the Anderyan and were somehow used in the rite which removed the souls from the volunteers. Shax later used these Anderyan artifacts in his own Rite of Purification.

The Black Mirror is an artifact believed to be of Anderyan origin, despite its original purpose unknown.

The Church of Life considers the Anderyan to be the first children of the Gods of life, while humanity is their second children. As such, followers of the church strive to be like the Anderyan to become close with their gods.


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