Templar States

The Templar States are a number of states created by followers of the Northern Templar faith after the Holy Wars at the end of the Age of Silence and the great migration to the east that followed it.

The modern Templar States are: Akargartan, Arjendorov, Donkurov, Quiramyr, Shodanassir, Sour’etsk, Tagnkarov. They are all named after the traditional tribes of mankind.

In principle, the Templar consider all lands south-east of the Eye of the North to belong to mankind by divine right. Because of that, when the Nodreni Orcs first landed in Syraion, they came into conflict with the Templar, a conflict that continues to this day.

Kiralvir is the common capital city of the Templar States, located in Quiramyr.

Nyamara is the closest fortified Templar city to the Gerfeundvor border, located in Tagnkarov near Humraz’s Wall. Because of it’s location and strategical importance, it was repeatedly besieged throughout the history of the Gerfeundvor-Templar conflict.

Templar States

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