Jormander the Nightmare

Jormander the Nightmare is one of the five great dragons created by Anortren to lead the Horde of Monstrosities during the Great War of the Gods. He was the fire god’s personal lieutenant, leading covert forces to strike at the heart of the Anderyan armies.

After the war he continued to serve his master. During one of his missions, he was trapped in the Dreamways by the Godsoul, and became part of the nightmares inhabiting them.

Since then, Jormander kept looking for a way to open the boundaries between the Dreamways and the physical world. He lured countless people to find the Frost Crown and returned it to the Crystal Arc, but non succeeded, until Louis Lin.

When Louis returned the crown, Jormander managed to escape back to the physical world; but only after Louis accepted his fate and moved on to the Dreamways himself that the dragon was truly free.

To repay his debt for Louis sacrifice, Jormander offered the Foreign Travelers help in their future struggles, creating a unique magical dagger that could be thrown into shadows whenever they need assistance.

Jormander the Nightmare

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