Emerald Smog Incident

The Emerald Smog incident was a chain of events occurring between 6 Sinquer 880 and 9 Sinquer 880 in Kolchet, Gerfeundvor. It began with the intervention of the Foreign Travelers in the Children of Sunset operations in the city, and caused them to abandon their official positions in it.

During that time, the Foreign Travelers ambushed a shipment sent from the Black Tooth prison camp and infiltrated it. After a battle, they chased away the gang, freeing the prisoners. They also sabotaged the camp’s Arsinum mine, destroying it.

In Kolchet, the Foreign Travelers entered the university, taking some of the magical research that were confiscated. Later, they engaged some of the city guards and Sunset police forces, eventually encountering Achros the Mithralian, leader of the Children of Sunset.

During the fight, a ship containing a cargo full of alchemical substances used by the Children of Sunset, exploded, causing a toxic, green colored smog to spread through the city.

It is still unknown what caused the explosion. The Children of Sunset blame the Foreign Travelers, while city guards defending the outer gates at the time say that an elf by the name of Lymad was responsible. Others blame the Black Tooth or other criminal elements in the incident.

As a result of the emerald smog and battle in the city, the Kolchet Council of Coin elected to remove the Children of Sunset from their position in the city’s government.

Emerald Smog Incident

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