Council of Coin

The Council of Coin is the name given both the governing organization ruling all Gerfeundvor, and each independent council ruling individual cities.

The original Council of Coin was founded by Humraz the Magnificent, a successful merchant that used her considerable wealth to organize police and military forces in Gerfeundvor and eventually build Humraz’s Wall which allowed the orcs relative peace.

The Council of Coin is made up of merchants that bought their share in it. By providing the funds for a sit on the Council, the merchant is granted legislative and executive authority. The funds collected by the council is used to support the police, military, and other necessary organizations.

Feulhart’fen’s Council of Coin

The Council of Coin in Feulhart’fen act both as the governing body for the city as well and the entire country.

Known Members

Other Councils

Kolchet’s Council of Coin

The Council of Coin in Kolchet act as the governing body for that city. They use an unorthodox system in which elections are held to choose the ruling party.

In 880 RE, the Children of Sunset faction was elected to lead Kolchet. They were removed from power after the Emerald Smog incident.

Behind the Scenes

Council of Coin

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